Mutant Colony



Mutant Colony is a special place for all those things you can’t see, that still exist right now, just out of view. That thing growing in the ground, that thing burning in the sky. That genetic experiment that should of never been, but was and continues to live on. That trash that you thought you threw away years ago, but is still out there somewhere, seeping, seeding, mutating into that next thing.
That piece of “Next Nature”.

In short, an experimental pop-​up collection of digital wanderings into generative textiles & design, exploring nature related patterns, maths, concepts and our co-​evolutionary impact with it.


Items can be purchased for a period of time through the Society6 site.
Designs can be created as objects, quality prints and hangable canvas.
Orders are securely processed via Society6 .

Proceeds go towards new, super cool, mega awesome projects.

Thanks for looking.